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Planned Improvements and Additions
Just wanted to let you now what is already planned for

Kiswahili Language Version
While I am quite fluent in Kiswahili, I am not a native speaker. The Kiswahili translation is already in the works. But as I depend on native speakers it might still take some time. Any Kiswahili native speaker who wants to contribute is welcome to contact me Smile

More pictures and illustrations
While pure text can be very informative, too much of it can make for cumbersome reading. That's why more pictures, graphs and illustrations will be added to the website. This already happened on some parts and will make the reading hopefully more enjoyable and easier to remember.

More videos
For the ideas section more filmed and rendered videos will follow in time.
I also plan to create short presentations (10-15 min) starting most likely with "Freiwirtschaft&Basic Income". I'll post the recorded presentations on YouTube for everybody interested to watch.
New pictures have been added to the Freiwirtschaft, Intellectual Freedom (Ideas) and Renewable Energies pages.

Video was added to the Freiwirtschaft page explaining the current interest system and its alternative in form of Freigeld:

New Idea posted: The Bike Boot provides a lot of space to keep your luggage dry while riding your bike.

@Wakio, Sola Sasa, majalay  Welcome to the forum  Smile
Print Version

Next on the list of planned additions is a print (css) version of website. Thus you will easily be able to print content of the website or generate a pdf for offline reading (e.g. ebook reader) using the print (to file) function of your web browser.
The print version is implemented. You can now use our browser's print menu in order to print a page of to pdf or hardcopy for offline reading.

ZolarDisc spacecraft

Concept for a solar-electric spacecraft with artificial gravity and in-orbit propellant collection was added to the "Ideas" section.

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